Wahid’s Way: Who is Abdurrahman Wahid? – Journeyman Pictures, 2000

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Tanggal Upload: 30 Oktober 2018

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Deskripsi Video:
Wahid’s Way – Who is Abdurrahman Wahid? by Journeyman Pictures, March 2000
Produced by ABC Australia

Wahid’s Way (2000): We gain unique access to the enigmatic President Abdurrahman Wahid. Just who is this frail Muslim cleric and where does he want to take Indonesia?

Stepping out at 4.30am, we stumble and stretch with President Wahid on his daily exercise routine. The clinically blind survivor of 2 strokes is not the model of a political titan, yet already his steely resolve has changed the face of the Indonesian politics of fear that characterised the Suharto years. In a scene inconceivable under Suharto, Wahid sits on the floor listening and sharing a meal with student and religious leaders from Aceh. Yet the frail Muslim cleric faces harsh critics -some even from his own coalition government- who condemn his style of leadership and dissect erratic the statements he’s made about the future of General Wiranto. With extensive interviews with Wahid personally, this film is an enthralling portrait of the man who may hold the key to Pacific stability.