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Gus Dur On Religion, Democracy, and Peace

Gus Dur On Religion, Democracy, and Peace
Gus Dur On Religion, Democracy, and Peace
Gading, Yogyakarta 2018
K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid
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Arsip Tahun

Judul Tulisan

Chapter 1

  1. The Muslim Masses in the Life of the Nation and of the State
  2. Is There a Concept of an Islamic State?
  3. Islam and Pancasila: Development of a Religious Political Doctrin in Indonesia
  4. Religious and Democracy

Chapter 2

  1. Islam, Culture, and Indigenization
  2. Is Arabization the same with Islamization
  3. Religion and the Chalengeof Culture
  4. The Universalism of Islam and Compolitanism of Islamic Civilization
  5. The Revival of Islamic Civilization: Is it Happening?

Chapter 3

  1. In search of a Novel Persepective on Human Rights Enfocement
  2. The Repoblic of Eart on Heaven: Another Side of Religious Motive Dithin the People’s Movement

Chapter 4

  1. Justice and Reconciliation
  2. Islam, Anti-Violence, and National Tranformation


Not much people know that Gus Dur wrote many reliable and high quality articles and essays with themes on Peaceful Islam and Islamic Culture. Both trademark themes of Indonesia that needs to be maintained for Islam itself and the progress of Indonesian Republic.

This book is trying to share knowledge about Gus Dur’s thoughts to all readers, especially the international ones. Gus Dur was not only The Fourth President of Indonesian Republic, but also a great intellectual in Indonesia. He has donated lots of ideas and thoughts on Islam in Indonesia. The interesting part is that Gus Dur have thoughts on Islamic perspective, as well as human rights and the upholds of democracy. Gus Dur does not simply rejects negative ideas about Islam, he also proposes and advocates positive ideas about on the other hand.